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How to make a harlem shake video

Hey . . . you can’t deny the #HarlemShake #Craze right now . . . and if you discovered this post, that means you want to make your #harlemshake video #thatish . . .

So here are some easy steps (that we put together after watching an ishload of harlem shake videos)

1. Pick your setting . . .obviously if a swim team can do it underwater, it doesn’t quite matter does it? lol.

2. Get a copy of the original song “Harlem Shake” from Baauer on iTunes

3. Cast your background folks and the lead. (the more the merrier)

4. SELECT GOOD PROPS/THEME!!!!  . . . pretty much everything has been done now, but the more creative the better!

5. The lead dances alone in a mask for about the first 15 seconds of the clip . . . PAUSE . . . the clips are only about 30-40 seconds long, don’t try to overdo it and make it longer . . . and all the background folks are just chilling

6. When the drop comes in and the hook begins “DO THE HARLEM SHAKE” everybody just acts a damn fool.

And you’re done. Just remember YOU along with HALF THE WORLD is making a HARLEM SHAKE video right now, so just try, to add something a little bit different . . . like harlem shaking dinosaurs lol.

Need some more inspiration? Check our Harlem Shake post.


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  1. This is bananas (brown).

  2. This is mockery and coonery. (Army Green)

  3. More power to them. The power of the internet (RED).

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