Is that Raven Symone Nude???? (Pics)

Is that Raven Symone Nude???? (Pics)

Raven Symone Nude

With the current trend of Disney Stars Gone Bad (Miley Cyrus & Lindsay Lohan) coupled with Raven Symone’s admission of being a lesbian, Social Media has been buzzing with an “alleged” nude photo of Raven entangled with a heavily tattooed female.

And guess what????? Calm ya’ll asses down because it’s not her.

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It’s not even a Raven Symone look alike as some sites are reporting her, it just so happens that angle, her profile is shockingly similar to the once Cosby kid. The photos are actually a part of the “I’ll Take Care of You” series from New York based Portrait Photographer Andrew Fennell. View the entire portfolio here -¬†

S/O to Andrew though . . . #thatish

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