10 Random Things To Do While Unexpectedly Snowed In (#10ThingsOnATuesday)

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10 Random Things To Do While Unexpectedly Snowed In (#10ThingsOnATuesday)

So we should honestly be counting down wonderful things about the Holiday season, but with much of the east coast being attacked by a winter weather mix or just plain snowed in, we deviated from that plan . . .

Our friend, the Shamtastic Mr. Sham Bashment, has succumbed to the NY weather, enjoying his morning tea:

And has given us his random list of snowed in doings:

1. Drink Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

2. Pop in a good porno (Don’t judge me!)

3. Surf the web for winter boots

4. Search the entire house/garage for snow salt (even though you knew it was going to snow 24 hours in advance lol)

5. Keep a house party by yourself

6. Watching a 1970′s movie on Netflix

7. Order Chinese take out (YES even in a snow storm)

8. Untangle Christmas lights

9. Calling your friends to play PS4 with you while they’re stuck at work

10. Tricking yourself into thinking shoveling snow is a game then shoveling for an hour . . . and then it’s fully covered again in 15 minutes.

10 Random Things To Do While Unexpectedly Snowed In


So if you’re stuck in the snow today or any other day, what random things shall you partake in????? Let us know in the comments!!! And Sham . . . where’s our hot chocolate???


About Sham Bashment:

Sham is the dynamic host of “Free Up Fridayz” . . . “The Only Party On The Internet”, before the party presented by Ultra Star Entertainment each & every Friday! For the latest in Dancehall music, check out the Free Up Radio Vol 2 Mix here and let Sham know what you think by following him on IG here.

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